MetalCrew Stay Heavy Shirt Shooting Mihe Project

Stay Heavy Shirt

After the MetalCrew was founded 2015, we decided quickly that some merchandise is needed. A shirt which represents us and gives a little insight in the community. I though a skull and the “Stay Heavy” phrase used from time to time would be the best. And I was right, the slogan quickly became the moth of the association. The Stay Heavy Shirt is a huge success!

I started the design with the photo program Affinity Photo. Naturally the focus was on the market leader Photoshop from Adobe first, but I could not get used to the new abo model. Of course it is nice to get always the newest versions, but in my use case it don’t represents my needs and generates unnecessary additional costs. I’m just a simple man who wants to make something creative for a weekend and then I will often close the program for months..

So after some learning and handcraft I made the following designs:

It’s really simply constructed on the back like a team shirt for other associations. The logo of the MetalCrew Community, our advertisement slogan and a link to the webpage.

Opposite on the front is shaped by the designed skull with some smoke effects on the back.. Underlined with the already mentioned slogan. It remains me a bit of a band shirt, but modified for a community.

You can imagine, that I don’t own a printing press. Even if I had one, I wouldn’t have the time. So i researched on the world wide web to find a firm who could handle this and made a find. Spreadshirt from Leipzig was optimal for my needs! They are in my home country, take over the entire ordering and printing process and do not charge extra for it. Only for orders a share is deducted. Even the shop is hosted by them – Really easy!

If you are interested in this little shirt and more so take a look at the club shop 🙂

MetalCrew Homepage Preview Project

MetalCrew Project

On 09.03.2015 the MetalCrew community for fans of alternative music styles was founded in Ingolstadt with schoolfriends.

Some more trailers were found quickly, which caused an own homepage on the 17. June in the same year. The technical planning and implementation was carried out by Rammrocker alone.

Beside the communication over the homepage and real life meetings, Rammrocker programmed an Android App on the 30.08.2015 which was supplemented by a Windows Phone variant a few months later. Everything got released in the Microsoft and Google Play store.

In this project, the artistic side was lived out for the first time. Rammrocker created designs for t-shirts which were professionally printed and distributed among members.

The main focus on this project is the interplay of messengers and other online platforms. Everything was based on a WhatsApp group and the whole idea became bigger than initially thought, so new mediums got wanted.

To simplify the connection to the webpage with a mobile device. I made a basic MetalCrew Android App, which opens the website. It’s a cool thing, but only slightly better to handle..

Since the ending of 2019 a new smartphone app is programmed to get a similar cross platform base for all smartphones. There will follow a new project entry with more details, when the app is ready. (See: MetalCrew App)

EOTD Escape of the developers Android Smartphone App Project

EOTD Game App

The Escape of the developer (Short EOTD) project aims to create a 2D game application that will increase the interest of the new generation of application developers in a humorous way. The goal will be to move a character to a certain point at the end of the room without coming into contact with other characters. It’s a simple mixture of the temple run principle with SouthPark inspired graphics.

The whole EOTD project got programmed in the language JAVA by Sun Microsystems – Now Oracle and the Android Studio IDE.

Currently the game has only one level, but the basic game logic is implemented. Maybe there will be more levels anytime in the future, but for now have fun with this small thing 😉

syRed Webpage Preview Project

syRed Project

The gaming community syRed was founded about the end of 2010 and was emerged from the clan The Burning Legend. The technical implementation was carried out by Rammrocker.

The aim of the project is to promote the fun of playing together and to simplify the way of communication with a website and a permanently running voice server.

The first and most significant breakthrough happened with the hosting of own Battlefield 2 Server by Electronics Arts.

The whole system was based on an own statistic system for rankings. The programming happened in the cross-platform language LUA. To create a unique experience: Maps got be modded and many more customizations for the multiplayer were done. The servers were nearly all the time filled with about 100 visitors..

Till May 2014 syRed operated some of the most successful Battlefield 2 servers, until the associated GameSpy servers were switched off by Ziff Davis. Caused a shutdown for the syRed Battlefield 2 part too.

During this time some other projects get growded. One of these was the server for Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The SA-MP mod offers a possibility to to add a network based multiplayer to the original singleplayer title. An own huge, nearly 20.000 lines gamemode in the PAWN scripting language was coded for this.

Besides many web applications with sql database connection, for example a donation system with PayPal API, a few more gameservers like DayZ and Minecraft were configured and hosted.

Through a focus on 24/7 operation, experience in the fail-safe and stable operation of service applications has been gained over a long decade.

The Burning Legend Launcher Project

The Burning Legend

2009 was the founding year of the The Burning Legend clan. Raised as a game community under friends we played many games with a lot of fun.

I made my first steps into the direction of hosting online services with The Burning Legend. Made a simple webpage arranged with the CMS software ClanSphere and designed a template for it. Started with an old Pentium 4 computer with 2 GB RAM as hardware. Got it from my dad and where very proud of it. The setup was running from my home nearly 24/7, until the power supply faded… Haha 😀

But yeah – Before that it worked and the internet connection was no comparison to today. With a DSL 2000 link (~200kb/s download & ~16 kb/s upload) it turned out to be a miracle that about 20 – 25 people played at the same time on this home server. Let’s not talk about the ping, it was of no importance: Had a lot of fun so as it was!

After the crash i decided there is no way to stay at the home server. Rent my first dedicated server from Hetzner and this one was really awesome!! From the Pentium 4 to the 1. Generation i7 Processor, that was a speed difference.. Ram, hard disk and off course the connection were a lot better too.

With this upgrade the number of players at the same time increased very fast from the known 25 to about 100 over a long decade. The Battlefield 2 servers were pioneering.

Some other games were hosted too and i decided to write an Launcher in Visual Basic for all the supported games. You see a screenshot in the head of this article of the version out of the year 2012.

Due to the increasing awareness, also came cooperation with other parties. Which among others brought the name syRed into play.