MetalCrew Kultur e.V. Programm

MetalCrew Kultur

A new website step into the world wide web. It’s the first offical web presentation of the MetalCrew Kultur e.V. association. It’s the counter part and big supporter of the MetalCrew Community. I already made the forum and an app for them. Despite some merchandise like this and this.

Now to the project itself. I started to create it again with VUE. On the last PWA for the community i realized that the programming and debugging is a lot of easier. Provided you know what you do. It needs some time to get use too and think different.

I worked on this project with the Creative Agency Ohlalaaa. It’s nice to got some helping hands. Especially for marketing stuff. Programming and function behind is the one part, the other is the optical one.

So how we make the best of the MetalCrew Kultur e.V. with his 40 members in the March 2022? Step one: Check what you want! A presentation of the Association, the history, the leaders and all the events and festivals. Even some new members should get really quickly into the stuff and the community buddy should get a good visible place, too.

So i started to develop functions to automatically get all the needed data and echo that out. Wowow, what a spaghetti! Haha, not fully. But working with creative peoples is very interesting. They see things, that no one see. One quote as example: “Have you seen that grey line gets 2px into this picture?”. Of course i answered: “No”.. *Getting out my magnifier*…. Ah, you are right! xD

The final page with all magnificent pixel optimations is online right now! Check out this cool association and Rock On. Maybe you will find a way to get into the secret Member Area… No we don’t have free cookies there 😛

The Great Reset Video Media

The Great Reset

The year is coming to an ending and i decided to make a last music video for this year. A successor to Luvsick from the artist Mike Murena. It’s called “The Great Reset” and represents a thoughtful instrumental work.

The Great Reset is an initiative of the World Economic Forum that envisions a reshaping of global society and economy in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. The initiative was unveiled by Prince Charles and WEF Director Klaus Schwab in May 2020 and, by its own admission, aims to improve capitalism.


We assume that everyone has a good intent. For sure it’s a very special topic and nobody of us knows details of this project. This and many other rumors are the base of the Great Reset music project of Mike Murena.

Creation process of the video: This time we made no live video session. Just a collection and queueing of short clips. Of course in 4K. Many great photographers and cameramen helped for that. Including François Truffaut, Michael Anderson and Charlie Chaplin which were the directors of “Fahrenheit 451”, “1984” and “The Great Dictator”. Also a big thanks to Kelly Lacy, Miguel A. Padrian, Ricardo Esquivel, Cottonbro, Mikhail Nilov, Rödolfs Klintsons, Anna Shvets, Pavel Danilyuk, Ron Lach, Joshua, Frank Cone and Dina Eric!

The whole thing is a processing of current events and strange parallels from the past. However, this is not intended to convey a fixed opinion, rather to stimulate new thoughts.

In this sense => Let’s watch the video, form your own opinion and get impressed 🙂

Open Park Pfa'Hofa Programm

Open Park

Yeah! A new website is released. I’m proud to announce the new festival page of the Open Park Pfa’hofa festival in Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm.

As you maybe already know, i’m in the MetalCrew community and association. We have since one year the continually contact to the Arbeiterwohlfahrt Verein, shortly AWO. The reason why: We want to make a brand new open minded festival.

The original plan was to start the whole thing in 2020, but the pandemic situation was stronger than our plan. We had to move everything to 2022. Enough time to make some detailed thoughts about a festival page. My experiences with the Crewsade of Metal festival helped and inspired me.

As you see i chose again a big title picture for the main page of the website. It contains the imported information’s about the genres, the date and a little description of the whole thing. Beneath that you will find some more detailed information’s about the event and the associated contributors.

Otherwise there is an arrival, news and contact page. Simple but for the first step more than enough. More content will come, when the first bands and acts are confirmed.

I like WordPress every time more, when i work with it again. I like programing and user friendly interfaces. This content management system mentioned is simple and powerful. Just install the base, write some contents and adjust the design. Finished with a great result! Check out the Open Park page on your self: 🙂