Michael is the founder and head of www.rammrocker.de. He's a professional informatics technology consultant and developer since 2009. Interested in creative picture, video and music creations. Loves to see something awesome!

MetalCrew Kultur e.V.

MetalCrew Kultur

A new website step into the world wide web. It’s the first offical web presentation of the MetalCrew Kultur e.V. association. It’s the counter part and big supporter of the MetalCrew Community. I already made the forum and an app for them. Despite some merchandise like this and this. Now to the project itself. I …

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The Great Reset Video

The Great Reset

The year is coming to an ending and i decided to make a last music video for this year. A successor to Luvsick from the artist Mike Murena. It’s called “The Great Reset” and represents a thoughtful instrumental work. The Great Reset is an initiative of the World Economic Forum that envisions a reshaping of …

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Open Park Pfa'Hofa

Open Park

Yeah! A new website is released. I’m proud to announce the new festival page of the Open Park Pfa’hofa festival in Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm. As you maybe already know, i’m in the MetalCrew community and association. We have since one year the continually contact to the Arbeiterwohlfahrt Verein, shortly AWO. The reason why: We …

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