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Stay Heavy Shirt

After the MetalCrew was founded 2015, we decided quickly that some merchandise is needed. A shirt which represents us and gives a little insight in the community. I though a skull and the “Stay Heavy” phrase used from time to time would be the best. And I was right, the slogan quickly became the moth of the association. The Stay Heavy Shirt is a huge success!

I started the design with the photo program Affinity Photo. Naturally the focus was on the market leader Photoshop from Adobe first, but I could not get used to the new abo model. Of course it is nice to get always the newest versions, but in my use case it don’t represents my needs and generates unnecessary additional costs. I’m just a simple man who wants to make something creative for a weekend and then I will often close the program for months..

So after some learning and handcraft I made the following designs:

It’s really simply constructed on the back like a team shirt for other associations. The logo of the MetalCrew Community, our advertisement slogan and a link to the webpage.

Opposite on the front is shaped by the designed skull with some smoke effects on the back.. Underlined with the already mentioned slogan. It remains me a bit of a band shirt, but modified for a community.

You can imagine, that I don’t own a printing press. Even if I had one, I wouldn’t have the time. So i researched on the world wide web to find a firm who could handle this and made a find. Spreadshirt from Leipzig was optimal for my needs! They are in my home country, take over the entire ordering and printing process and do not charge extra for it. Only for orders a share is deducted. Even the shop is hosted by them – Really easy!

If you are interested in this little shirt and more so take a look at the club shop 🙂


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