Hollow Cover Media

Hollow Cover

The last Luvsick music video project is about 8 months ago. Now I’m proud to share the resolution of the Breaking Benjamin cover: Hollow. Isabelle Croft is the artist behind this project, which is singer in the Symphonic Metal Band Flame or Redemption out of Munich.

It was a pleasure for me that a professional graphic designer, coach and musician – like herself – choose myself for the collaboration. We had great gear for the video. A Panasonic Lumix DMC with an associated camera holder and two more phone cameras for other perspectives.

We had luck on the recording day at Blutenburg. Days before were very rainy, but for us was everything perfect. Great sunshine which needed no more lighting. Just some color corrections after the record, but they are minimal.

The Hollow Cover video is based on a free interpretation of the original song from Breaking Benjamin. They got no music video but there self at the moment of making this video. It’s one of the favorite songs of Isabelle and seemed to be her dream to cover this one time. She had held back from this so far and had rather focused on her own songs.

For me was this project a new experience in working with multiple cameras at the same time. In about 7 hours you got a huge amount of material to work for, that’s amazing! Check out the result on Isabelle Croft’s official YouTube Channel =>

Metal Armageddon Media

Metal Armageddon

Time for new creative work. My last real shirt was done some years ago: Stay Heavy. But today I’m proud to show some cool new stuff. My new drawing for the new Metal Armageddon Event!

The MetalCrew association in which i work wanted to celebrate a new Crewsade of Metal festival 2020. Than Corona happened.. No chance to get so many peoples under one roof. Masks, social distancing and so on..

So new paths had to be taken. Internally were already planes for a concert series existent. Perfect time to take up this point! Together with the Musikklub 14/1 we were able to handle this dream and make it reality.

Instead of the Crewsade of Metal festival we organized a Metal Armageddon concert with 4 bands: Silent Hias, Dunning Kruger, Entoria and Sacrifice In Fire. Wait – Was there not another band? Yeah – Porta Inferi were not allowed to enter germany, because of the pandemic situation. What a fight for the event! It hit us like a bomb and to the surprise exactly that was chosen as festival series logo! Look in the Armageddon merchandise section at the community store.

Metal Armageddon Girly
Metal Armageddon Boy
Metal Armageddon Cap

A huge success in this strange time! Everybody carried a mask, but that wont stop real metalheads! Look at the after movie and convince yourselves:

Metal Armageddon 2020 Aftermovie

That was the bomb. Now to the last i want to show you is a bit older funny drawing of myself. Just some simple beer pitchers, that i finally released with this bomb. Look to the cap for example => With this statement I want to encourage every hobby drawer to show there pictures to the world. You can’t lose, it’s so easy as never before to share creations over the internet and print it! Someone is always liking. Just depends on the personal taste 🙂

Mike Murena Luvsick Media

Luvsick Video

Time for a new post! I’m proud to announce another music video for Mike Murena and his new song called Luvsick.

For the first time I give up the Green Screen for the production. Even the on site recordings are not from myself, but what breathtaking material! In July 2020 a crop circle appeared near the Bavarian Ammersee. Mike decided to use this unique location for the shoot of his music video Luvsick. It’s about an outer space love affair and the mysterious unworldly cereals appearance fit perfect to this music output.

You can create great thinks with the studio screen, but i must admit that a one site recording will win for sure. It looks way more realistic and I claim that it’s less complex than a recording on a small 2x3m green screen.

The longest music video I`ve ever made has been created. Also the most cuts were done.

Learned many new things. The imported ones were the stronger video orientation on the base of the music and the usage of color gradings.

A great new intuition was the embedding of the lyrics. My first intention was the i use Apple Motion for that, but realized fast that this is to costly. So i search for the easier and faster option..

Found a nice affordable lyrics plugin for Final Cut from FxFactory. That did the job quite well. It’s fastly installed and easy to use. It comes with many presets and motions for the text, which can be customized with individual fonts, colors and text positions. Even if i should switch from Final Cut to a Adobe product, it’s still compatible with Premiere and After Effects. That’s a awesome service and made about 50$ a fair price for me.

If you are interested in the Luvsick rock song – Check it out here!

Luvsick Music Video