syRed Webpage Preview Programm

syRed Project

The gaming community syRed was founded about the end of 2010 and was emerged from the clan The Burning Legend. The technical implementation was carried out by Rammrocker.

The aim of the project is to promote the fun of playing together and to simplify the way of communication with a website and a permanently running voice server.

The first and most significant breakthrough happened with the hosting of own Battlefield 2 Server by Electronics Arts.

The whole system was based on an own statistic system for rankings. The programming happened in the cross-platform language LUA. To create a unique experience: Maps got be modded and many more customizations for the multiplayer were done. The servers were nearly all the time filled with about 100 visitors..

Till May 2014 syRed operated some of the most successful Battlefield 2 servers, until the associated GameSpy servers were switched off by Ziff Davis. Caused a shutdown for the syRed Battlefield 2 part too.

During this time some other projects get growded. One of these was the server for Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The SA-MP mod offers a possibility to to add a network based multiplayer to the original singleplayer title. An own huge, nearly 20.000 lines gamemode in the PAWN scripting language was coded for this.

Besides many web applications with sql database connection, for example a donation system with PayPal API, a few more gameservers like DayZ and Minecraft were configured and hosted.

Through a focus on 24/7 operation, experience in the fail-safe and stable operation of service applications has been gained over a long decade.

The Burning Legend Launcher Programm

The Burning Legend

2009 was the founding year of the The Burning Legend clan. Raised as a game community under friends we played many games with a lot of fun.

I made my first steps into the direction of hosting online services with The Burning Legend. Made a simple webpage arranged with the CMS software ClanSphere and designed a template for it. Started with an old Pentium 4 computer with 2 GB RAM as hardware. Got it from my dad and where very proud of it. The setup was running from my home nearly 24/7, until the power supply faded… Haha 😀

But yeah – Before that it worked and the internet connection was no comparison to today. With a DSL 2000 link (~200kb/s download & ~16 kb/s upload) it turned out to be a miracle that about 20 – 25 people played at the same time on this home server. Don’t talk about the ping, it had no importance: Had a lot of fun as it was!

After the crash i decided there is no way to stay at the home server. Rented my first dedicated server from Hetzner and this one was really awesome!! From the Pentium 4 to the 1. Generation i7 Processor, that was a speed difference.. Ram, hard disk and off course the connection were a lot better too.

With this upgrade the number of players at the same time increased very fast from the known 25 to about 100 over a long decade. The Battlefield 2 servers were pioneering.

Some other games were hosted too and i decided to write an Launcher in Visual Basic for all the supported games. You see a screenshot in the head of this article of the version out of the year 2012.

Due to the increasing awareness, also came cooperation with other parties. Which brought the name syRed into play and made everything even bigger.