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On the 12.04.2017 the MetalCrew Community founded the non-profit association MetalCrew Kultur e.V. in the China Express restaurant Munich at the Stachus to create a legal basis for own events like the so called Crewsade of Metal.

Michael was among others appointed to the board of directors. On the 06. May 2017 the first huge festival called Crewsade of Metal started.

Besides great planning challenges, the first collaborations with real artists were received. Michael has taken over the management board position and especially the marketing.

Handmade drawings from the artists were converted to digital media and prepared for printing. Soon an own shop was created and opened:

The whole web presence is build and hosted by Michael.

Of course a festival is only a festival if there is some merchandise. So we decided that a Crusaders will be our logo. Chris Erbar implemented the first sketch for this purpose. Tamara Fichter improved that, especially in the hand. And i made the final part, that the drawing on the paper gets in a digital format and prepared for a print. My knowledge from the already finished Stay Heavy Shirt Project was for my benefit. A huge crusader logo on the front and the logos of the bands on the back side were placed. See the result here:

After the mile of the successful completion of the first festival an after movie was created by myself on the base of the photographer media.

Aftermovie Crewsade of Metal 2017

The Crewsade of Metal has established itself as an annual festival and made a successful switch from munich to the home town of the most members Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm.


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