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MetalCrew Project

On 09.03.2015 the MetalCrew community for fans of alternative music styles was founded in Ingolstadt with schoolfriends.

Some more trailers were found quickly, which caused an own homepage on the 17. June in the same year. The technical planning and implementation was carried out by Rammrocker alone. It should connect some rock and metal fans on an open community forum.

Beside the communication over the homepage and real life meetings, Rammrocker programmed an Android App on the 30.08.2015 which was supplemented by a Windows Phone variant a few months later. Everything got released in the Microsoft and Google Play store.

In this project, the artistic side was lived out for the first time. Rammrocker created designs for t-shirts which were professionally printed and distributed among members.

The main focus on this project is the interplay of messengers and other online platforms. Everything was based on a WhatsApp group and the whole idea became bigger than initially thought, so new mediums got wanted.

To simplify the connection to the webpage with a mobile device. I made a basic MetalCrew Android App, which opens the website. It’s a cool thing, but only slightly better to handle..

Since the ending of 2019 a new smartphone app is programmed to get a similar cross platform base for all smartphones. There will follow a new project entry with more details, when the app is ready. (See: MetalCrew App)


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