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Open Park

Yeah! A new website is released. I’m proud to announce the new festival page of the Open Park Pfa’hofa festival in Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm.

As you maybe already know, i’m in the MetalCrew community and association. We have since one year the continually contact to the Arbeiterwohlfahrt Verein, shortly AWO. The reason why: We want to make a brand new open minded festival.

The original plan was to start the whole thing in 2020, but the pandemic situation was stronger than our plan. We had to move everything to 2022. Enough time to make some detailed thoughts about a festival page. My experiences with the Crewsade of Metal festival helped and inspired me.

As you see i chose again a big title picture for the main page of the website. It contains the imported information’s about the genres, the date and a little description of the whole thing. Beneath that you will find some more detailed information’s about the event and the associated contributors.

Otherwise there is an arrival, news and contact page. Simple but for the first step more than enough. More content will come, when the first bands and acts are confirmed.

I like WordPress every time more, when i work with it again. I like programing and user friendly interfaces. This content management system mentioned is simple and powerful. Just install the base, write some contents and adjust the design. Finished with a great result! Check out the Open Park page on your self: 🙂


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